Jinx. Meg Cabot. Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically Jinx by Meg Cabot Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to. Jean Honeychurch hates her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just Jean). Her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Her aunt and uncle welcome her to their Manhattan town house, but her beautiful cousin Tory isn't so thrilled. It's not easy being Jinx. Jean Honeychurch hates her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just Jean). What's worse? Her all-too-appropriate nickname.

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information about the idea, and they are ready to present this. Download PDF: Jinx by Meg Cabot Free Book PDF i really like wanna read all of meg cabot books. Read Jinx by Meg Cabot for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* They are both very excited their cousin Jinx is coming to stay. Alice has made you a. Jinx by Meg Cabot. The thing is, my luck's always been rotten. Just look at my name: Jean. Not Jean Marie, or Jeanine, or Jeanette, or even. Jeanne. Just Jean.

In addition to her adult contemporary fiction, she is the author of the bestselling young adult fiction The Princess Diaries and The Mediator series.

Over 25 million copies of her novels for children and We want your feedback! Click here. Jinx by Meg Cabot ebook. Subjects Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. It's not easy being Jinx. Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. Publication Details Publisher: HarperCollins Imprint: HarperCollins e-books Publication Date: More about Meg Cabot. But I could tell from the casual way Petra was going around, flicking imaginary dust off things, that it was possible.

Not just possible, but…the way things were.

Wow, was all I could say. Yes, Petra said. She thought I meant the room. It is very nice, yes? I have my own apartment in this house, with a private entrance—downstairs, you know? The ground floor.

You probably did not see it. The door is underneath the stoop to the townhouse. There is also a back door to the garden. It is a little private apartment.

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I have my own kitchen, too. The children come down at night sometimes, and I help them with their homework, and sometimes we watch the TV together, all snug. It is very nice.

Mom had told me that Aunt Evelyn and her family were doing well—her husband, my uncle Ted, had recently gotten a promotion to president of whatever company it was he worked for, while Evelyn, an interior decorator, had added a couple of supermodels to her client list.

Gardiner will be so sorry they were not home to greet you, Petra was saying as she went to the side of the king-sized bed and began fastidiously fluffing the half-dozen pillows beneath the tufted headboard. They are both still at work. Teddy and Alice will be home from school soon, though. They are both very excited their cousin Jinx is coming to stay. Alice has made you a sign to welcome you. She was going to hold it at the airport when they greeted you, but now…well, perhaps you could hang it on the wall here in your room?

You must pretend to be pleased by it, even if you are not, because she worked very hard on it.

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Gardiner did not put anything on your walls, you see, because she wanted to wait to see what you are like. She says it has been five years since they last saw you! Petra looked at me in wonder. Apparently, families in Germany lived a lot closer and visited one another a lot more often than families in the U. I nodded. Yes, that sounds about right. Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Ted last came to visit when I was eleven….

My voice trailed off. Even the towel bar had swan wings on the ends. My mouth was starting to feel a little dry at the sight of all this luxury. I mean, what had I ever done to deserve all this?

What about Tory?

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I asked, in an effort to change the subject. Especially since every time I did, that pesky knot in my stomach clenched.

When does she get home from school? This Oh, however, was different from all the others Petra had let out.

I noticed right away. Also, whereas before Petra had been speaking with undisguised enthusiasm, now she looked down and said uneasily, with a shrug, Oh, Tory is home from school already. She is in the back, in the garden, with her friends. Petra pointed toward one of the two windows across from the bed.

I went over to it, gingerly pushing aside the filmy white curtain liner—it was as fine as a spiderweb—and looked down…. This backyard, however, looked like something from a TV show. Walled on three sides by moss-covered brick, roses were growing—and blooming—everywhere. There were even rose vines wrapped around the sides of a small, glassed-in gazebo over in one corner of the garden. There was a wrought-iron table surrounded by chairs, and a cushioned chaise longue beneath the sweeping branches of a newly budding weeping willow.

But best of all was a low fountain, which, even with the windows closed three stories up, I could hear burbling. A stone mermaid sat in the center of the five-foot-wide pool, with water shooting. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

Save For Later. Create a List. Jinx by Meg Cabot. Summary It's not easy being Jinx. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. HarperCollins Released: Oct 6, ISBN: Book Preview Jinx - Meg Cabot. Why me? It was all the dirty looks that did it—made me realize I was really in New York City.

At last. Not that all that many people visit Hancock.

But whatever. Like everything was going to be all right, after all.

With my luck, probably not. In Manhattan, however, things were clearly different. Hi, Tory. The young woman, very petite and very blond, blinked at me without recognition.

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Petra cried. The tight ball of worry in my stomach loosened. Just a little. No, I said. Which explained why she was so strong. Because of the lifting of heavy patients, and all.

Which meant she could probably speak faster in her native tongue. And never in my life had I so much as entertained the idea of having my own bathroom. This was just not possible. Still, nothing could have prepared me for…this.

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And it was mine. All mine. Well, for the time being, anyway. Until I messed it up, somehow. But I could still enjoy it while it lasted. Especially lately. Which was actually why I was in New York.

Oh, Petra said. I went over to it, gingerly pushing aside the filmy white curtain liner—it was as fine as a spiderweb—and looked down… …into an enchanted fairy garden. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Close Dialog Are you sure?As we went down the stairs to the second floor, she asked about the violin. Still, it was a very pretty townhouse, painted gray, with lighter gray trim. Read more Read less.

The one that, every time I thought about it, made me feel like throwing up. The thing that sucks is that people evidently think I need babysitting. Our great-great-great—whatever--grandmother Branwen was talking about us.

A really good book.